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Treena Logan
Orlando, Florida
I Used eHealth for Fast Shopping
Ehealth really delivers on its promises; I found health insurance without any trouble at all and it only took a few minutes to start my search. The eHealth webpage gives the web visitor an array of resources to begin shopping for insurance and I was delighted by how fast the entire shopping and comparing task was. I was at first apprehensive about having to look for health insurance, almost certain that I was going to be bogged down for weeks, maybe even months, looking for just the right carrier to provide me with coverage. Ehealth erased my qualms - I was getting calls from good insurance carriers the same day I requested free quotes! I also had the policy I needed set up and in place in less than 48 hours after I began my insurance search! For health insurance needs, I urge everyone to pay a visit to ehealth before they look anywhere else.

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