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Satisfied with Travelers
We have Travelers insurance on our home and we are glad we made the decision to go with Travelers. Just last year we had a small fire in our home and it created quite a bit of smoke damage. We had never submitted a claim through Travelers so we fretted about doing so, wondering how it was going to cost us. Surprisingly, Travelers was lightening fast in terms of processing the claim we made and very, very friendly. Our rate did go up, as is expected, but it wasn't an outrageous amount or something that we would scream about as being unreasonable. I can't say I was thrilled about the rate increase but I can't say that we were treated unfairly either. It is to be expected when an incident occurs that insurance rates will be reassessed and adjusted - thank God we went with Travelers which was completely fair in their determinations. Another company might have raked us over a hot bed of steaming coals!
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