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Tricks of the Trade Indeed
Like many others, I tried to find a less expensive auto policy also by going on line, etc. and decided to go back with a company I had used in the past. I am single, do not make a lot of money and have to do all I can to cut corners. I\'m not always able to have auto insurance because it is a bit expensive for my survival budget. Although Traveler\'s rates may be fine for some, they are nearly doubled what I have found in the past. I was trying to combine home and auto to get a discount, but lacked info for home insurance and was unable to get the savings, so I was in the process of switching. I actually was dropped from the previous company I was using because I was unable to consistently pay their premiums, which were actually quite affordable. But, as they should have, they canceled my policy, by sending a letter and that was that, period. Travelers on the other hand, at one point canceled my policy for non-payment, but still billed me. So, I called to assure it was canceled, but was told that I was still covered at that point (the invoice said canceled) - after not paying for nearly 6 months? How could that be? I explained I could not afford their insurance unfortunately and had found another company; The Rep explained I was covered for another 2 1/2 months, but needed to pay x-amount of dollars to finish out the policy and call them when I switched companies to officially cancel. I went ahead and made that final payment over the phone although a little high for me, but wanted to be covered (driving around without insurance is not fun). The rep obviously was not able to correctly assess my situation and need to find lower premiums.... I went ahead and called and canceled on the date he advised was end policy date, but I was then billed another few hundred dollars. I was mislead into thinking that by making that payment over the phone I was finishing out the policy period. They apparently bill after the policy ends, even though to start the policy you better be able to pay upfront. I\'m in my 40\'s and have never seen an insurance company bill like this. Mind you I didn\'t even have a single claim. I feel like the Rep should have explained that I would be further billed after the policy ended. The bill has since gone to a collection agency. Good grief, this is insurance, not a purchased item, not a service supplied. If premiums can\'t be paid - coverage should be dropped. It\'s that simple. It may be ok for those who can afford to simply pay hundreds of dollars for insurance, but not for those who have to watch every dollar. This is unacceptable during a time when our nation\'s economic system is swaying, and probably as a result of \"bottom line\" companies with hidden fees, penalties and overcharges - enough is enough. These practices hurt everyone as a whole.
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