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D. Foster
Scottsdale, Arizona
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If you want unbiased advise about insurance than Selectquote is the website to go to. Selectquote lets me find the right insurance by allowing me to define my needs and comparing my needs to the offerings provided by thousands of insurance carriers. Because Selectquote helps find insurance, they actually encourage the competition between various carriers. I got the lowest price on term life insurance because I used the services delivered by Selectquote and then Selectquote, in turn, causes insurance carriers to work for me. That's the way it should be. If you want the lowest rate possible you're going to have to spend some time comparing different companies. I like how Selectquote makes that entire ordeal that much easier on me. Instead of taking days to look into one insurance company at a time, I got to compare different quotes right away. Nice and simple - exactly the way I like things in my life.
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