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Wil Dailey
Springfield, Missouri
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T-Boned by a Drunk Driver with Progressive Insurance
I was recently T-boned by a drunk driver that was insured by Progressive Insurance. He was arrested. Since that time dealing with Progressive has been a nightmare. First they said that my Jeep Grand Cherokee could be fixed when their adjuster practically accused me of exaggerating the damage. I told them that I did not want salvaged parts used to fix my jeep and they refused to honor that request. Then they decided that my jeep was totaled. (I guess I had not exaggerated after all). Now they want to only offer a little over $9000 for a Jeep that I paid $20000 for 13 months ago. They are deducting over $600 for hail damage to a totaled out vehicle. I took some friends out to look at the vehicle and none of use can find any hail damage what so ever. Now the newest atrocity that they are laying on me is that they are cutting off the rent a car because their agent says that they can not supply me a rental over 72 hours after they make their ridiculously low offers even though my livelihood depends on my mobility and they have not produced any checks, even for the ridiculously low amount they offered.
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