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Nationwide Insurance
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Nothing but Problems and Misinformation
I switched to Nationwide Auto Insurance back in October and they came highly recommended from friends and close family members. I was impressed... at first. Their rates were much lower, their policies appeared to provide more but I have had nothing but problems since I switched. They have canceled my policy before notifying me, they have refunded money back before notifying me and now are trying to bill me for they remainder of my 6 month policy that they tell me is already paid for. And I have provided them with everything they have asked for immediately upon finding out that they needed it, which generally meant me having to call to find out why I had received a cancellation notice and what did I need to do to correct it as quickly as possible. Not very good if you ask me. And now I am currently spend all my free time trying to correct the issues with no satisfaction. They are making it very hard for me to be a good and satisfied customer. Sadly, I will not be as quick to recommend them to friends and family as mine were to recommend them to me.
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