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Farmers Insurance
Sherry T.
Farmers Doesn't Deserve the Ridiculed
Wow! I was shocked to see some people actually disappointed with farmer's insurance when I checked out some of the reviews here. I believe that Farmers Insurance is an excellent carrier, one that I am proud to be a customer of. I get terrific service and I haven't seen lower rates being offered anywhere else. I did the smart thing and checked other companies out just to see if I could carve off a few buck off my insurance bill. No dice! I got a good rate from Farmers and I am stickin' with them. When I talked to a rep and got a quote for insurance through Farmers, I decided to streamline all of my insurance needs through Farmers Insurance. Now I have insurance on my cars, on my house, and my belongings through Farmers. On my own experiences I recommend Farmers Insurance and find it hard to believe than anyone would have a difficult time with the company.

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