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Cambridge, Maryland
Chubb's Service Not Recommended
Last year I was in a bad accident and my car was totaled. I had Chubb insurance at the time and I still regret it. I had been with Chubb for five years more or less when the accident happened, but the company gave me a heck of a time when it came time to file a claim and process it. After months of fighting with the company about the claim I couldn't get them to pay me on it. Interestingly enough, just a few months later, after all was said and done, my insurance policy was canceled. Funny thing is I was never told it was canceled . . . I actually found out when I got an notice from DMV telling me I was being fined because I didn't have insurance on my car. So. I called the company and got nothing but a rude rep who told me it was my obligation to keep an eye on my insurance status! Bad service!
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