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American Family
Kansas City, Mo
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Excellent Company/Excellent Service
American Family Insurance is by far the Best Insurance Company when you expect to pay for truly good service. I do not think there is anyway AmFam will be able to make all people happy, but they do go out of their was to be fair and do a good job of it. I believe since they took on the JD Power Ratings they have improved even more. I can tell you that I do not believe in all the things they do,but they are solid when it comes to service and claims. I plan on staying with this company, because I know I will be taken care of when a disaster does happen. I was in the insurance industry for more than 40 years, not with this company. But one thing that I have learned is that you most diffentily get waht you pay for. You pay for it in the begenning, or you pay dearly in the end.

By the way, the person that feels they got less for the car then they should have needs to realize that all insurance companies, not just American Family pay what they can replace for, not for the commission at the dealership. Not only that, KBB is the wrong book to check true values of autos. NADA is best!!
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