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Unresponsive claims department
Got hit by one of their customers causing minimal damage. Therefore police did not write a report. Customer admitted fault at the scene in front of officer. A week later he still not reported it to Allstate. So I did. After a couple of weeks more procrastinating he reported it and denied fault. Allstate refused my claim as a word against word situation. Their adjuster never called me with this decision. In fact this adjuster had her phone on permanent "leave a message" mode. In three weeks I never had a conversation with her. Talked to other claims dept. people but even their attempt to connect me with her failed. Finally I got her managers extension. She had left the office for the day. Her phone mail stated she would be back the next day. Called the next morning and the message was changed stating she would be out of the office the rest of the day. What a surprise. With that kind of mananger its no wonder that those under her are rarely available. At this point I presume that I will have to pay for my own repairs. With competition of today it amazes me that this company continues to operate as it did almost 50 years ago.
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