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Jason V.
New York, NY
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How to Get Good Prices with Allstate
I found Allstate Insurance pretty reasonable. I got a relatively decent quote, and I managed to reduce what I pay even further by taking on a higher deductible. Instead of taking the minimum deductible when I signed up with Allstate Insurance, I increased the deductible to a 500 dollar out of pocket expense. While that may seem like a lot, my insurance costs dropped even more. So, with the money I was saving on my premiums with Allstate insurance, I built up a small "what if" nest egg of $500 so that if I ever do get in an accident, I have the 500 dollars right off the bat. Then Allstate Insurance will handle the rest. I also took a driver's course to lower my insurance costs with Allstate a little bit more. A little common sense goes a long way; I pay less for car insurance and I am pretty much ready for anything.
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