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Nov. 2007
Aetna Dental Insurance Was The Biggest Mistake We Ever Made
I recieved dental treatment which I understood to be covered under the Aetna policy, yet Aetna keeps denying the claims. Example, I had to have several teeth pulled out in Oct. and didn't start my Aetna Insurance plan until Nov. Problem being is that I had alot of missing teeth and needed bridges for my missing teeth so I decided to look for a dental plan and my understanding of Aetna's Dental policy I was lead to believe that it covered major dental work such as caps, bridges, etc. After receiving the bridges for my missing teeth (which was in the amount of over $12,000), Aetna denied every claim stating that they only covered bridges for teeth pulled under the claim. They even denied some of the charges of cleaning my teeth. Problem now is that I am locked into paying a monthly premium for a year before I can cancel this terrible insurance which is paying $0 for any of my dental work. We live in America, The richest county in the world and here in America we have the most amount of uninsured people in the world. Why because of scams like Aetna's Dental Insurance. These insurance companies are making money on monthly premuims and paying out nothing. Aetna is the worst insurance company that I have ever had to deal with. If you have a choice of insurance companies where you are employed do not pick Aetna and if you have no other choice like in my situation I would suggest not to even get this insurance through your company and find your own as you will come out much further ahead. Trying to get a payment on your claim for dental services from this insurance company is worst than pulling teeth!!!
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