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QuoteCarInsurance is NOT affiliated with Click here to read more... is one of the leading industry websites for the purpose of bringing together consumers and the auto insurance companies that need those customers. By allowing customers the opportunity to shop online for car insurance, they are a top enabler in the process of selling car insurance.

Company Overview seeks to meet the needs of both the car insurance shopper and the car insurance companies. Their website is basically an online marketplace which promotes the shopping of car insurance quotes. By facilitating the process, makes life easier on everyone. The website allows for at least the shopping of online car insurance, and in some places, customers can even purchase their car insurance policy through a convenient online option. Ratings

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5 out of 5 was first created to serve as an extension to the company's retail insurance business. They sought to use the web to save money in providing car insurance. Their thinking was that through saving money by working online, they could pass along savings to the customers who so desperately need a break. That isn't the only aspiration of this company, though. They also want to inform customers of what options exist in the car insurance market. They give all of the information to the customers in an easy to digest form and if the customer decides that he or she likes a rate, then they can easily purchase the insurance right there on the website with little hassle. By providing that in addition to other resources, they are hoping to create more informed buyers.

Company History was founded by early 2000 by a group of men who had been in the car insurance business since 1978. These folks had the experience and expertise necessary to take their business online and got a lot of support from a group called the Maitland Underwriters. That group, which was formed in 1999, was instrumental in getting off of the ground. In 2003 alone, they wrote more than $120,000,000 in car insurance premiums.

Since 2004, this company has been working in a full service online capacity based out of Florida. Over the last few years, they have developed working relationships in all fifty states and in some areas of Canada. They have even expanded their company across the pond to include some contacts in Great Britain.

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The company was founded with the knowledge that going online was the best way to save money selling car insurance. They seek to not only streamline the business for themselves, but also make things much easier for customers. With today's highly technical internet work, everything is going online. Why should the car insurance business be any different? There is no reason why a customer shouldn't have car insurance in as little as 15 minutes.

The company websites is extremely easy to use and benefits the insurance shopper a great deal. By saving time and money for the customer, they are doing a great service. The company offers a bunch of different rats of their car insurance, so competition is always heavy. By starting the online process of shopping for a rate, you could save up to 25%.

The company seeks to give out as much information as possible in an attempt to educate customers and give them a fair shot at securing a quality auto insurance loan. is a registered trademark of is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, the contents of this webpage or the website. Trademarks referring to specific providers are used by for nominative purposes only: to truthfully identify the source of the products about which information is provided. Such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owners.

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2 Customer Reviews
Didn't use this website for a quote...but did soak up a lot of the information they had on their website. I now am more educated on a lot of the rules for my state not to mention the rules of the road. This website showed me how much I should be paying for my car insurance, I will recommend this sit
Date: 08/07/2008
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their quote was not cheaper than any of the other carriers... don't waste your time.
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